[English] Words about reading

1. paperback
2. Movie tie-in
      a book or frequently a trade paperback or hardcover that has a direct relationship to a specific film. Usually the cover of the book is the photography of the movie's stars, and the slogans that indicating directly to the specific movie.
3. dust jacket / dust wrapper / dust cover
     the dust jacket of a book is a detachable outer cover, that is often made of paper and printed with texts and illustrations.
4. I couldn't put it down / read it cover to cover
5. whodunit
      a novel, a  film or a play which is about a murder but it doesn't tell you who the murder is until the end.
6. chic lit
     a novel which is specifically used to denote a women's fiction. In which it often addresses the issues about the modern women often humorously and lightheartedly.
7. encyclopedia
8. yearbook
     published by the graduate class in high school or college, containing the photographs of the class members and commemorating school activities
9.  cookbook / recipe


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