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Augmented reality was touted as the next big thing when mobile apps started using the technology around five years ago, but it hasn’t fully come into mainstream usage. Juniper Research reports that AR apps attracted around 60 million unique users last year—but sees that number ramping up to 200 million by 2018. And with rising interest in immersive experiences, one of our 10 Trends for 2014, more marketers are experimenting with the technology. As The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year, AR is gaining traction after years stuck in “new-tech purgatory, where ideas loll in the hope of finding mainstream applications.”

當行動 apps 自五年前開始興起時, AR 就被吹捧為下一個重要的技術, 但到目前為止它仍未成為主流. 根據 Juniper Research 研究指出 AR 到去年為止共有 6 千萬 UUs, 但估計到 2018 年才會有三倍成長. 而較為引起市場興趣的 Immersive experiences, 則成為 2014 年實驗的主流之一. WSJ 曾報導 AR 經歷了多年的 new-tech 煉獄, 等待著帶來希望的主流應用, 直到年前才又受到重視.

Lego is generating some excitement around the upcoming launch of Lego Fusion, which allows users to move real-world creations to a virtual world. In its Milan store, Sephora recently started using an augmented reality mirror that lets customers see how different makeup looks on their face. And a Pepsi Max campaign that outfitted bus shelters in London with screens combining live video of the surrounding street with special effects like tentacles grabbing a pedestrian “might be the best use of augmented reality yet,” as The Verge enthused.

Lego 推出的 Lego Fusion 可讓 users 將真實的建築移到虛擬世界. 米蘭的 Sephora 最近開始使用 AR 鏡子, 讓 users 可以看到化妝時的差異. Pepsi Max 在公車亭裝配一個境子結合 live video 做出特效.

Google Glass and similar devices will fuel further creativity in connecting real and virtual worlds. Epson is marketing its Moverio smart glasses as a “next-generation augmented reality platform.” Leading AR firm Blippar has launched a Games for Glass platform and is working on “real world search” (identifying objects in view and providing relevant information). And Google’s Project Tango—which creates 3D maps of indoor spaces—will pave the way for applications like advanced in-store mapping for shoppers.

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