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English Learning

Bilingual   It means the ability to use two languages with equal or nearly equal fluency. Why is it gradually important to today's corporate world? That might be China. With China cementing its status as an economic powerhouse, it has become more crucial than ever to be able to communicate effectively in both English and Chinese languages.   Now some schools in the Asia are preparing intakes to bilingual training. The Chinese-English communication degree program in Singapore is now accepting the applications for its first intake in January. The courses are as below: Some are taught in Mandarin and the other half in English. While the English portion of the program, it will comprise communication-centric courses, and emphasize on presentation, the Chinese portion will strongly focus on writing (report and translation courses to contemporary landscape and popular culture).

[mac]設定root帳號 跟 設定path環境變數

IOS Version 10.6.8 (1) Enable Root Account 設定主要參考 這篇 System preference ->   accounts   ->  click Login Options  ->  unlock  ->  click Join   ->  click Open Directory Utility   ->  unlock  ->   Edit   ->   Enable Root User (2) 設定 path 環境變數 一般我們都是用 export, 但每次開啟都要重設定很麻煩 在 MAC, 編輯 ~/.bash_profile ex. 設定python path 1 PATH= "${PATH}:/path/to/some/cool/package/:/path/to/another/cool/package/" 2 export PATH 3 4 PYTHONPATH= "${PYTHONPATH}:/path/to/some/cool/python/package/:/path/to/another/cool/python/package/" 5 export PYTHONPATH 檢查是否成功 ex. python 2.6 >python --version