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Latest Release   Python-libvirt-0.10.2, 2012/09/24 Terminology (1) node - a single physical machine (2) hypervisor - a layer of software which allow to virtualize a node into a set of virtual machines ex. Xem, KVM, Virtualbox, VMware, Qemu, OpenVZ, etc. (3) domain - an instance of an OS running on a virtual machine provided by hypervisor Goal   to provide a layer sufficient to manage domains on a node, possibly remote API for domain management   provision, create, modify, monitor, control, migrate and stop Issue   ex. internet setup, firewall rule, storage management  

wifi-direct v.s. blooth 4.0

The fight is on for wireless device-to-device networking supremacy b/w a refreshed incumbent BT4.0 and a newcomer Wi-Fi Direct. Both specifications are promising to make it easier for users to quickly transfer data b/w two wireless devices such as smartphone and laptop without the need for a WIFI network or USB cable. WiFi Direct v.s. BT 4.0 Organization :     Wi-Fi Alliance / Bluetooth SIG(Special Interest Group) Speed :     up to 250Mbps / up to 3Mbps Distance:     Wi-Fi Direct: 656 feet, more than two football fields     BT 4.0: less than 200 feet, but dependent on capacity of BT device rather than specification Security:     Wi-Fi Direct: WPA2 (AES 256-bit)     BT 4.0: AES 128-bit Power-saving:    Both claim their specifications will use low-energy technology for battery-powered device Backward compatibility:     Wi-Fi Direct: compatible with all legacy Wi-Fi devices     BT 4.0: dependent on modes in which devices use Issue :     WiFi - ad hoc mode is painf