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    Tonight after showering, I walked back my room. When I started to use hair dryer, the power was tripped suddenly. I thought that might be the power-off or blackout in the whole building at beginning, but I realized that it's only happened in my room. Fortunately, the house manager HIRONOBU-san was just in the living room today talking with a female. She was likely to move in here and they are talking about the contract thing. Anyway, HIRONOBU-san is really active. He helped solving my problem quickly with happiness. He also reminded me that I will know how to fix the blackout problem when it happens again.     This month, when I went back Tokyo, I brought my mom in order to take care of her and avoid her from deep sorrows since my father's leave. However, later on I found it did not work well because I have to work at daytime and I did not arrange any outdoor activity or indoor job to her. As a result, she seems to sleep all the days or daydream all the time... I have to