1. end up
2. hand out flyers
3. that's brutal. That's pretty harsh.
4. panic attack
5. toll free number = free number for companies or service

    is the 3rd largest island in Caribbean, tropical with hot and humid weather, and owns numerous ecosystems. Due to being located in the hurricane belt of Atlantic ocean, it sometimes confronts storm damage.
There are about 2.7 million residents there, quite less because more than half Jamaican left and migrated to other countries such as America, Canada, and UK for decades for sake of families or better lives. Of course, there are also new migrants to Jamaica. Most of them are from Caribbean islands, such as Haiti for economic reason and having a better life, really. They came by boat and that explains why there are lots of history about boat people in Jamaica. They finally ends up working in bars or restaurants and they help the development of  tourism industry indeed.


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