[Suits] S2EP15


(1) Got to give it him 不得不佩服這傢伙
當Harvey看完 Folsom Food 的老闆 Hanley Folsom 因為歧視女性(discrimination against women / gender-discrimination)被訴訟而在新聞上澄清自己很支持女性員工時,脫口而出的一句話。

英文:We got to hand it over to SOMEBODY.
ex. We got to hand it over to her -- she is really smart!

*這個用法找不到, 從中文或情境推測應該同 hand it over to sbd, 的意思。

(2) I want to steal a page from your book. 我想聽聽你的意見

(3) I've tried to hire an investigate. The authority kicked back. 被退回.
     kick back : to return something

(4) We can't just hang clients out to dry. 我們不能把客戶晾在一旁.。
   hang sbd out to dry: to not to support or help someone

(5) We bit this off. We need to chew. 我們既然撐下來了,就得認真對待。
   Bite off - 咬下
   chew - 咀嚼
   ex. Ann bit a piece off and chewed it up.

(6) They've evaluated the situation, and they knew we're bleeding. 它們知道我們岌岌可危。

(7) I don't do well with waiting 不擅長等待

(8) We're consolidating resources. 合併資源

I never took the plunge.
  take the plunge : to marry someone
Don't get over yourself
  *get over yourself. 少臭美了(依情境)

(10) Hadman knew we're tapped out. He is counting on. What if we're not? What if we're flush?
tap out: to lose someone's money in gambling or in securities market / to die / to expire


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