Week's note

2.~がてら 就當作~(有順便的意思)
散歩のついでに本屋に寄(よ)った。 散步之後,順便去了趟書局。
散歩がてら本屋に寄った。 當作是散步,去了一趟書局。
3.かたわら 彼は歌手としての活動のかたわら、小説家としても活躍している。

Logistic Regression
預測客戶的傾向嗜好 prediction of customer's propensity to purchase a product or cease a subscription in marketing application.

offline vs online training
offline  指需要一整個 dataset 來得到

1. It is definitely tempted.
2. Email me your figure, and I'll call back you with a counter. 給我一個數字,我會議價
3. It is the top priority
4. What are you looking for in particular?
5. I can get by with only two sons. get by 還可以,過的去
6. You can't loiter in the frozen. loiter (在公共場合)遊蕩
7. The Popsicle (冰棒) are a set price, and not negotiable.
8. eat up leftover.
9. His estimates of the situation was sober.
10. wither or thrive
11. lay down - the committee lay down office after they lost the election.
12. karma 因果輪迴
13. I don't know how to put it.


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